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Mirage: A Collection of Architecturally-Inspired Handles and Knobs

Fri, 03/24/2017 - 18:00

We’ve featured the concrete wares of Material Immaterial studio, who up till now has designed a collection of earrings, cufflinks, and mini buildings that we still covet. Now, they’re launching a series of concrete components, called Mirage, that can be used as door handles and drawer knobs for those looking for something a bit different than the big box store options.

Similar in design to their previous collections, Mirage offers architectural-inspired details that play with light and shadow, much like you’d experience when viewing the works of architect Carlo Scarpa. The step-like patterns reduce the visual weight of the material giving them an almost delicate appearance, which is juxtaposed with the more solid areas of the handles giving an opposite effect.

Photos by Sameer Tawde.

A House with a Massive, Undulating, Wave-Like Exterior

Fri, 03/24/2017 - 17:00

LA-based architect Mario Romano designed a house in Venice, California, that’s unlike any other. The Wave House spans 5,700 square feet with five bedrooms and four bathrooms featuring a series of organically designed floors and walls that are just as visually intriguing as its undulating exterior. Romano’s art background is clearly displayed from the moment your eyes feast on the wave-like, white aluminum facade that mimics an ocean swell.

Utilizing CNC technology and customized digital tools, Romano crafted a skin out of hundreds of unique pieces that were attached to a complex metal structure to give its flowing form. Horizontal stained cedar boards under the soffit perfectly contrast the sleek aluminum panels.

On the far wall of the courtyard, overlapping “feathers” were installed at a 30 degree pitch so air could circulate better to keep the house drier and cooler.

The house wraps around a large outdoor space with a pool helping to merge indoor/outdoor living.

The wall and flooring systems that Romano designed are antibacterial and waterproof making them ideal for people with children. The geometric patterns bring a level of high-tech art to various spaces in the house.

Photos by Jason Speth.

Pac-Man Ghosts x Carrara Marble = 80s Magic

Fri, 03/24/2017 - 16:00

If the sight of the Pac-Man ghosts doesn’t get your heart rate going ever so slightly, then maybe the music will? It makes my pulse race and my hands get into arcade grip just thinking about it. While we can’t all have the arcade game in our house, perhaps a sophisticated yet cheeky nod to it will do? Designer Chicco Chiari bypassed plastic and any other material you’d associate anything in the 80s with and went straight to Carrara marble when creating this collection of playful ghost lamps called Fantasmini.

Chiari merges the refined nature of marble with the playfulness of everyone’s favorite childhood video game letting light shine through the material creating the perfect ghostly effect. It appears the lights remain a concept but hopefully he’ll consider putting these into production because a little nostalgia never hurt anyone.

Brdr. Kruger Launches Two New Danish Designs: TRIIIO + THEODOR

Fri, 03/24/2017 - 15:00

Brdr. Krüger has worked with Danish architect Hans Bølling to create TRIIIO, a trio of tables, and with Danish design practice OeO Studio on THEODOR, a dining chair, both furniture pieces that celebrate classic Danish design. The designs stem from the desire to reinterpret the Danish mid-century modern movement with a spin for a contemporary audience.

TRIIIO is a set of iconic tables that were reworked to add tinted glass and brass accents, giving it a modern twist. A floating glass tabletop sits across more playful wooden legs, that are curvy and sculptural at the same time.

There are three tables in the set — a coffee table, side table, and dining table. All tables are made in either oak, walnut, or a black stained birch. The tabletops also come in a set of three, either clear, black or bronze. All tables come with luxurious brass details and are made in Denmark.

THEODOR is a dining chair that combines traditional craft techniques with a new point of view. It looks familiar, yet different at the same time. It has a distinct simplicity, rooted in Scandinavian design, but not so much that it doesn’t appeal to an international audience. Like TRIIIO, it is made in Denmark at the Brdr. Krüger workshop.

Animaze: Multifunctional Furniture that Encourages Kids to Play

Fri, 03/24/2017 - 14:00

Whether you’re looking for adorable kids decor or something they can play with, the Animaze collection is a ridiculously cute option. Designed by Ekaterina Shchetina and Libero Rutilo of DesignLibero, the kid-friendly components feature upholstered animals that rest inside of solid wood outlines that can be played with together or separately. The five animals act as a playful chair, a stool, a pouf, console table, and a rocking horse that encourage your kids to interact, entertain, and have fun.

The animals can fit together in a row (above) or stacked up (below) when not in use. When it’s time to play, they can be used individually or separately and pulled apart to have all kinds of fun.

Photos by Claudio Morelli.

Friday Five with Mara Silber

Fri, 03/24/2017 - 13:00

Cleveland-born Mara Silber now calls Manhattan home where she launched her eponymous interior design firm in 2015 specializing in residential and hospitality projects. She initially worked as a stylist and design consultant after studying interior design and art history at George Washington University in D.C., all prior to landing at Mark Cunningham Inc., where she honed her skills on high-end residential projects, some of which have been featured in Architectural Digest, Elle Decor, Interior Design, Living in Style, and others. In this Friday Five, Silber shares a well-rounded selection of favorites and sources of inspiration, from quirky locales to delicious beverages. Take a look.

Judd Foundation/Licensed by VAGA, New York, NY

1. Marfa, TX
It is so much more than just “the town closest to that empty Prada store”. Located in a remote corner of Texas, Marfa is a modern art outpost featuring Donald Judd’s Block residence, the Chinati Foundation, and a collection of charming galleries and storefronts like Exhibitions 2D and Mirth Marfa. When in town, ask for Ranch Water.

2. Red Wine
A perfect day (and not-so-perfect day) for me ends with red wine. My husband and I love wine tasting. We are not sophisticated at all and basically just look for a view, an interesting host and a bottle of red to wind down. My favorite is Rocket Science from Caldwell Vineyard in Napa.

Photo by Steven Litt, The Plain Dealer

3. Cleveland Museum of Art
I’m based in New York, but home will always be near my family in the Midwest, and as a native Clevelander I cannot make a trip home without visiting the Cleveland Museum of Art. It’s particularly special to me since I got married there! The architecture alone is beautiful, and the collection is so impressive.

Photo by William Waldron, Architectural Digest

4. Mark Cunningham
He’s such an inspiration to me as a former boss, a mentor, friend, and designer. While working for Mark, I watched him be considerate of clients, kind to his employees, thoughtful as a friend, and undeniably talented as a designer. And so humble that he’ll probably be embarrassed by this praise!

Photo source

5. @wearewilderness
For travel addicts like me, Africa is one of the most beautiful and thrilling places on earth. Wilderness Safaris, who coordinates directly with US-based travel agency Discover Africa, is one of the continent’s premier safari camp operators. No photo can fully do it justice, but the @wearewilderness Instagram account comes close. Their posts remind me how big a place the world is. They keep me grounded when so-called “design emergencies” happen like a fabric delay.