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Updated: 1 hour 12 min ago

The Black, White, and Blue Residence C.L. by W&Li Design

6 hours 57 min ago

W&Li Design took a different approach with the layout of Residence C.L., an apartment located in Taipei City, Taiwan. The original 1980s design left the rooms dark and uninviting resulting in the need for a new solution. To connect the spaces, they designed a floor plan with walls set to 45 degrees so the interior flowed, while delivering sufficient ventilation and natural light.

The new layout also made way for three independent bedrooms and a shared bathroom whose doors are disguised in blue. The blue switches to white in the living room where a wall of minimalist cabinets surround the television.

The interior combines black details with white and blue surfaces for a bold graphic design that keeps you visually invested.

The geometric tile in the kitchen and dining room brings all the colors together in an unexpected way.

The master bedroom benefits from a glass panel that separates it from the master bathroom. The bathroom flanks an exterior wall with a large window that lets lots of natural light into both spaces.

Contemporary Graphic Quilts by Lindsay Stead

7 hours 57 min ago

Lindsay Stead designs and makes contemporary quilts with bold, graphic patterns in her Toronto-based studio. With geometric designs and minimal colors, the handmade quilts become two-dimensional works of art that would work on a bed or on the wall. Stead brings her own modern aesthetic to the traditional art of quilt making, where you might even notice imperfect hand stitches that perfectly contrast her contemporary vision.

Sophisticated Simplicity: Lutron Palladiom Shading System

8 hours 57 min ago

Lutron unveils Palladiom, the home automation specialist’s latest premier collection of modern exposed bracket roller shades, keypads, and thermostats designed to work seamlessly and quietly in service of privacy and maintaining a comfortable interior temperature.

The Palladiom roller shade is outfitted with Lutron’s Intelligent Hembar Alignment system, a two-part electronic control designed to keep all connected automated shades synchronized and aligned within one-eighth of an inch across their bottom hem bar.

Palladiom now sits a tier above the Lutron Serena and Caseta smart shade system, offering a higher grade of finishes, materials, and styles (while omitting the app controls element).

Lutron Palladiom roller shade are available at sizes capable of covering up to a 12-by-12-foot window opening, only requiring a slim tube 2 inch diameter carbon fiber fabric tube up top.

Like the Serena roller shades, the electronics/motors responsible for the rolling the shades up or down are housed and hidden within a bracket/bar structure; machined aluminum unibody brackets available in Satin Nickel, Black Anodized, or Clear Anodized finishes are intended to be installed as an exposed interior architectural element.

An array of matching wallstations, keypads, and digital thermostats round out the Palladiom system line. Once installed, each wallstation allows the control of lights, shades/drapes and HVAC wirelessly from anywhere in the house. Lutron has yet another feather in its home automation cap, the Palladiom arguably the company’s most handsome shading and control system yet. For more information, check out the Palladiom Shading System Brochure (PDF).

The Palladiom thermostat is designed to work with the Lutron Connect app, allowing monitoring and temperature adjustment from iOS or Android devices.

Torpedo Sconce Inspired by Vintage Levels from Skram

9 hours 57 min ago

Skram founder and lead designer Jacob Marks found inspiration right on his desk when designing his latest project. The wall-mounted Torpedo Sconce references vintage torpedo levels with its elongated bronze form topped off with a gunmetal steel end cap and hang bar connected as if using traditional woodworking joinery.

The LED light glows from the front and side slots, as well as the diffused back which emits a soft light on the wall. The Torpedo Sconce comes in three finishes: Gunmetal Patinized, Dark Rubbed Bronze, and Natural Bronze.

Jimmy Turrell Rescued 1,000 Books and Turned Them into Art

10 hours 57 min ago

In 2016, Newcastle-based artist Jimmy Turrell spotted a job-lot of 1,000 books on eBay and bought them on a whim. They belonged to the late father of the person who was selling them, and he later found out that they were just a day away from being thrown into a skip.

“My girlfriend at the time wasn’t too impressed,” he jokes about the day the delivery van arrived with boxes and boxes of books. It took him over a year to sort through them and decide what to do with them – and he is no longer with the girlfriend in question.

Selecting the best of the books, which range from 1920s skiing manuals to vintage scrapbooks of the Norwegian royal family, the artist designed images and quotes to reference memory and rebirth and printed these over the books, combining what he printed and what he printed on fairly randomly.

The result is spectacular. Unforsaken Part 1 is the first exhibition of the work he has made from the books, and he describes it as very much a work in  progress – hence ‘Part 1’.

The randomness of his process created some poignant results, such as the wartime image overprinted with the quote “The only real freedom is freedom from fear.”

The work was exhibited as part of Newcastle’s Design Event in an installation created by the artist using a similar approach of montage and overlaying images to create a backdrop for the artworks.

“It’s about finding beauty in discarded things,” he says. The next phase of the project will involve collaborating with other artists who will add to what he has started.

Jimmy Turrell is a graphic artist and video director, who studied at Central St Martins School of Art in London. He was creative director on the latest Beck album (above) and has worked for the New York Times, Guardian and Adidas.