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Updated: 54 min ago

Chip Cookies & Cream Lands a Playful New Space in Long Island City

Fri, 06/14/2019 - 17:00

A childhood love of cookies led to the opening of Chip Cookies & Cream bakery in 2017 and when it came time to open their latest bakery in Long Island City, New York, they hired The New Design Project to make it happen. The design concept is based on Chip’s brand identity already in place which features a curvy logo and bold color palette, resulting in a cozy space that’s an extension of the brand.

The cookie shop’s interior is simple but effective with a soothing aesthetic that’s achieved through a vibrant peach color, pale wood, and rounded forms.

Paper lanterns hang above the small seating area which is finished with concrete floors, bench seating, and stools that double as tables.

Photos by Will Ellis.

Innovative E-Scooters for the Last Mile Commuter

Fri, 06/14/2019 - 16:00

If there were any doubts about the growing interest and popularity within the category of last-mile electric scooters – designed to transport urban dwellers the short distance between point A to point B – news about BMW launching their own e-scooter model should put to rest that micro mobility is a waning fad. The German auto group’s foray into scooters joins an already crowded field, some of the most notable models listed below:

Photo: BMW Group

BMW E-Scooter
Launched by the BMW Lifestyle wing of BMW Group in cooperation with Micro (inventor of the Micro Scooter), the compact city scooter is set to hits streets starting this September, offering riders a range of 7.5 miles per charge with a top speed of 12 mph. The 19.8 lbs BMW E-Scooter sports a 150 watt motor with a lithium-ion battery that hides into the footplate and rear wheel, while also featuring a fold-up, space-saving design. Expect to pay a premium in the ballpark of $890 for the ultimate scooting machine.

Jetson Quest Folding Electric Scooter
One of the more premium models available today, the Jetson Quest’s most distinguishing features are its sleek fold-up design, a bright LED headlight array for night riding, alongside a small LED display offering the rider info about battery life, speed setting, a headlight indicator, and an odometer. The Quest is plenty fast, with a 250 watt hub motor capable of reaching up to 15 mph with an 18 mile range that can climb up hills at 15 degrees incline. The Quest can fold down from a height of 46.5-inches down to just 19.5-inches, and we give it extra points for the inclusion of grippy tread tires that give this urban scooter a more confident ride over less than ideal street or sidewalk pathways.

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter
Is there anything the Chinese electronics manufacturer doesn’t make? Like the Jetson model above, this aluminum frame e-scooter sports a 250 watt motor able enough to drive it at a max speed of 15.5 mph and with a maximum travel range of up to 18.6 miles. Winner of a 2017 Red Dot Award and iF Design Award 2017, the design folds up for easy transport and offers app compatibility via Bluetooth for real-time riding statistics.

Inboard G1 Glider
Designed by electric skateboard company Inboard, the G1 Glider is an e-scooter featuring integrated data connectivity and GPS tracking intended for fleet operators, municipalities, and campuses to keep tabs on a small army of these scooters, rather than for individual customers. But the specs sheet is impressive, with a top speed of 22 mph and capable of tackling hills of 18% incline at up to 10 mph. The scooter only has a range of 12 miles per charge, but because of the hot swappable battery design, this range can be extended indefinitely.

Bird One
Arguably the biggest name in e-scooter mobility right now, and a ubiquitous presence in many major cities around the globe already, Bird is taking aim at the consumer market with the Bird One. With a huge battery with a range up to 30 miles, Bird’s foray into consumer e-scooters impresses with standout features like regenerative front motor braking, 30-40 lumens front and rear lights, over-the-air firmware updates, IP67 water-resistant specs, and a trio of colors to choose from. At $1,299 the BirdOne is one of the most expensive models, but the brand recognition should sell this model.

Well, you know e-scooters are trending when they make an appearance at Milan Design Week at Wallpaper* Handmade, like this concept by design agency, LAYER, for Chinese electric vehicle company, NIO. Sitting somewhere within the realm of longboard and 4-wheel scooter, the svelte graphene-coated carbon fiber frame is fronted by an electromagnetic panel that allows the PAL to be accessorized with its own modular luggage accessory.

Boosted Rev
$1,599 gets the e-scooter enthusiast a vehicle-grade scooter with Batmobile-like wheels, capable of zipping along at up to 24 mph and up to 22 miles with a single charge. Even more impressive is the hill climbing capabilities of the Boosted Rev, powerful enough to charge up hills at even a 25% grade hill that makes this dual wheel drive, 1,500 watts powered e-scooter a leader in its class. All this power does come at the cost of weight; at 46 lbs, it won’t be easy lugging up and down stairs; but the Rev folds up to a fairly slim 20″ height and can be used by riders up to 250 lbs, making this one of the most rider versatile options in the e-scooter category.

Woven Concepts Adds a New Design + Offers Custom Options

Fri, 06/14/2019 - 15:00

At this year’s ICFF show during NYCxDESIGN, we made sure to stop by one particular booth to check out a collection we’re quite fond of (for obvious reasons): the Untitled rug collection by our very own Jaime Derringer for Woven Concepts. The collection (which we’ve shared before) includes a new design called UnRivaled which features a wool background with silk brush strokes.

All of the rugs in the Untitled collection use a “Ghiordes” weaving method to create a unique texture with the 100% New Zealand, highland wool yarn. The inherent lanolin content of wool makes it a natural stain repellent, helping to ensure the longevity of the rugs.



While the collection was designed with a saturated romance color palette, it also allows for as much customization as a designer might need.

Halleh Hakimian of Woven Concepts shares:

A very fun aspect of the Untitled Collection is the option to interchange existing collection color and design options. More extensive custom options include the ability to make: color, pattern, scale, brush stroke placement and composition to clients’ specifications. Exclusive artwork can also be provided by Jaime Derringer for bespoke interior needs.

Designers can choose a solid color from existing color options, or select from existing designs in existing color palettes with no changes. For additional customization, designers also have the option to mix and match colors using the collection’s existing designs; simply swap out up to three current design colors, with up to three current collection colors. Finally, for a truly unique work of art, designers can fully customize a rug’s color, pattern, and materials with the added bonus of a one-of-a-kind Jaime Derringer artwork option that can be offered when designing a fully bespoke rug.











To learn more about the Untitled collection, visit Woven Concepts.

Friday Five with Mimi Shodeinde

Fri, 06/14/2019 - 14:00

Born and raised in London, designer and interior architect Mimi Shodeinde developed a flair and passion for art at a young age. To this day her drawing and painting skills allow her to explore the beauty between form and function, and how they are interwoven. Earning a degree in Interior Architecture only made Mimi’s desire to play and experiment with the idea of using art to manipulate and create a well-designed space. These lessons are clearly reflected in her creations for Miminat Designs studio. Mimi also draws outside inspiration from her Nigerian heritage as well as her love of travel, the latter giving her cultural handholds that can be incorporated into her designs. These contemporary, quirky yet sophisticated traits lend themselves to her style result in innovative designs that are not only functional, but the nature of art-inspired design. Today Mimi is sharing some of her favorite things in this week’s Friday Five.

Photo via Pixabay

1. My Passport & Drivers License
I can’t imagine what life would be like without my passport (and my driver’s license) that give me the freedom to travel and explore. Since a lot of my products are made around the world, it is important for me to be involved in the process. I have always been interested by how things are made, the manufacturing process is the most exciting part of it all. Walking into new factories, meeting the artisans – I suddenly turn into a kid in a big industrial candy store. I have a lot of respect and admiration towards craftsman, what they do is not easy, especially when it comes to producing a good product. What will we be without them? Apart from traveling for work, I love traveling and experiencing new cultures and meeting new people. I think taxi drivers are the most interesting people on this planet, I love having long conversations with them when I land in a different country. They have seen a lot and have met so many different kinds of characters, so it is always interesting to have a chat, plus they have some of the most hilarious stories.

Photo by Fred Berry

2. Moringa Oil
A friend of mine introduced me to this miracle oil and now I am hooked, it truly is a magical plant. Not only is this oil my go to product, it also has a lot of health benefits. As I am always on the go, it’s important for me to take care of my skin and health. A few drops massaged into my face and drops in my morning lemon tea and I am good to go! (I am an essential oil lover and I can’t live without my oils, my bathroom is filled with them.)

3. Music
My father is one of the most musical people I know, growing up on a Sunday at home he would always play old tracks that were my grandfather’s favourites, ranging from Sam Cooke to Frank Sinatra to old school R&B and rap. I live and breathe music. Currently I am learning to play the electric guitar during my free time, as I think it is important to find hobbies and interest outside of work. I won’t start naming my favourite tracks, as there are so many, but if I could always play a track to get me in a good mood it  would be Sam Cooke’s You Send Me (1985). It reminds me of love and family and those are the most important things to me.

Photo courtesy of APPARTUS STUDIO

4. Talisman Lights by APPARTUS STUDIO
God, these lights are gorgeous and I absolutely adore the guys at APPARTUS and their work. I need their whole collection in my home. Their use of materials and how they put it all together is truly inspirational –  minimal but still powerful. My current modern favourites at the moment are Apparatus NY, Kelly Wrestler, Based Upon, Studio Giancarlo Valle, and Sabine Marcelis. And off course the classics, Oscar Niemyer, Pieree Jeanneret, Marcel Bruer, Verner Panton, Nanna Ditzel, Charlotte Perriand – the list goes on.

Photo by Elsika Kyselkova, Art Direction by Mimi Shodeinde

5. Cooking and Good Wine
There is nothing I love more than cooking and hosting. Cooking is my escape and therapy. I don’t like ordering takeout, I would rather drive to the supermarket, buy fresh ingredients, and cook whilst drinking a glass of wine and listening to music. I don’t like recipe books, as I believe cooking should come from the soul.

There is nothing worse than going to a dinner party and seeing bad tableware or glassware. That’s why when I designed the Okuta collection I really wanted to include very unique pieces for lovers of cooking, hosting, and serving. Apart from cooking a delicious meal for your loved ones, there is no better feeling than someone complimenting your tableware or asking where you got it from! And of course, a few amazing bottles of wine to accompany a delicious home cooked meal. The Okuta Decanter is my personal favourite from the collection, you definitely won’t feel bad decanting your expensive treasured bottle of wine into it.

Patricia Urquiola Designs the Kalida Sant Pau Center for Cancer Patients

Thu, 06/13/2019 - 18:00

Recently opened in Barcelona, the Kālida Sant Pau center is a place for cancer patients, along with their family and friends, to receive oncological care in an environment that’s cozy, comfortable, and bound to encourage healing. Architect Benedetta Tagliabue, who designed the building, partnered with designer Patricia Urquiola and her team to create a space that felt more residential than clinical.

The center’s ethos perfectly aligns with Urquiola’s design principle – “to create spaces where people feel comfortable and live better” – which made the Spanish designer the ideal person to take on the project. She sought brands that believed in the mission to donate products to be used within the space, including her own work, the Mangas Original and Mangas Space, from GAN.

Throughout the center, various vignettes of seating wait to host visitors with Mangas rugs grounding the spaces and adding warmth. The wool rugs make for cozy areas, as they were intended since they were inspired by handmade wool sweaters that everyone’s grandmother used to knit.

The Mangas collection is known for having organic shapes and with the hand-loomed textures, the sweater-inspired rugs give nod to childhood when being cared for was typically a given. That’s the same feeling Urquiola wanted to give the homey space.

Urquiola combined bold colors with practical neutrals with the hope of evoking both a sense of relaxation and optimism.

Omura Series 1 Whole Flower Vaporizer

Thu, 06/13/2019 - 17:00

The Omura Series 1 is a newly announced luxe designer cannabis delivery system aiming to bridge the gap between enthusiasts enjoying smoking whole flower with the new school of users who rely upon the convenience of vape pens, delivering precise doses for solo or sharing sessions.

The Omura Series 1 charges via USB-C with one-button operations and adjusts heat according to strength of inhalation to ensure optimal delivery of cannabinoids and terpenes.

The Omura’s industrial design – created in collaboration with Michael Young Studio – is modern and sleek, an intentional push to cater toward the growing wellness-oriented clientele seeking the health and social benefits of cannabis, but enjoyed in moderation. The Series 1’s matte finish, ribbed end, and gentle curvature leading into the heating unit evoke the work of Naoto Fukasawa in its minimalist and subtle detailing, the sort of device intended to be openly left out for use and sharing without stigma.

The Series 1 uses proprietary short pre-rolled whole flower cartridges filled in modest doses of .125 grams per serving, delivering 10 to 12 inhaled doses over the span of three-minutes per session (the unit counts down using a series of three small LEDs to communicate how much time is left). These rolls are inserted and then heated to precise temperatures safely below the level of burning, and according to BJ Carretta, head of marketing for Omura, resulting in a cleaner cannabis experience without the throat burn, charring, or ash often associated with smoking whole flower.

Rest, relaxation and socialization, rather than chasing the summit of dizzying highs, is the intent of the Series 1 experience. The unit is complemented by a handsome and discreet leather carrying case designed for Omura by This Is Ground.

Omura Series 1 vaporizer launches in four color variants – Black, White, Gold, Rose Gold – alongside with four cannabis cartridges sourced from California growers representing indica, sativa, hybrid, and CBD-only strains, with more to follow upon launch this June. For more information about the Series 1, head over to the Omura site.